With fall fast approaching, it's time to think about the ways to keep your home with the colder temperatures on the way.

No one wants to let go of summer just yet, but making sure your home is ready for the colder weather that is fast approaching while it's still warm out will put you ahead of the game. No one likes working with cold hands.

Most people aren't aware there is a small switch on your ceiling fan that reverses the direction the blades spin. Spinning the blades in a clockwise direction pushes the warm air up and allows for it to be spread more evenly around the home. A nice, cheap quick fix that will spread warm air throughout the room.

Water freezes. I know this isn't news to anyone, but if you take the proper precautions, it won't freeze in your home's pipes.

First, make sure you turn off the water to all outdoor spigots. Once that has been done, open them up and let the water still in the pipes drain. Make sure you disconnect all hoses and get a hose bib cover to protect it. You can also wrap your hoses with heat tape to protect them as well. Setting your hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees will help save money as well.

Many people have this set up with reminders, which is a good idea. But with colder weather comes less fresh air, which means your filters will be working harder to keep the air clean for you. Changing them out will keep your air cleaner and make you less likely to get ill.

Does your thermostat look old or poorly installed? Do you find wild fluctuations in the system turning off and on? Where is it located? If close to a heat source it will not work properly as it will read the heat from that source, not the temperature in the home. Some inspection of the thermostat will give you clues as to whether or not it will work properly. Make sure, also, that it is flat against the plate, making sure all connections fire when necessary.

Make certain the windows are caulked properly to eliminate drafts, then find a good winter window covering for the windows and seal the areas around doors to make sure the heat stays in. Using heavy drapes can also help keep warm air in and cold air out.

Do these now while it's still warm and you will keep your family warm and comfortable all winter long.

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