Welcome to the fun version of Soap Box City. It's time for our monthly sound-off about how much things cost, rip-offs, over-priced items, and overall banter about Colorado's cost of living.

The best part of these little rant sessions is how passionately some people answer. We don't like stupid things in Colorado. Paying for things that should probably be free seems silly to us. Here comes a list of things Grand Junction and Western Colorado do not think we should be paying for.

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Things That Should Be Free in Colorado

The most popular answer this month is the ten cents we're grocery bags at the store. Remember when McNugget sauce at Mcdonald's was as free as the ketchup? Then they started to give you one bucket of sauce and asked people to pay for additional sauces. Never should have happened. We probably never should have consented to the plastic bag hassle either.

Save on the Price of Admission

Another theme found in the answers was that Colorado is not happy about paying to visit a State Park. I agree with those who say Colorado residents already pay enough in taxes, and we should not have to pay the full rate to visit the State Parks. What if we let Mesa County residents visit State Parks located in Mesa County at no cost? Let visitors pay the full rate.

Tell Us Something that Should Be Free in Western Colorado?

Find the link to add your answer to our question here. Scroll on to see some of the top answers we have received so far in the gallery below.

What Things Should Be Free in Western Colorado But Aren't?

Can you think of something that residents of Colorado pay for that should really be free?

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