It's a movement that was started by teenagers in Littleton, Colo., and spread to dozens of schools across the state. Has it gotten to Grand Junction, yet? It's Offline October.

Could you give up social media for a whole month? Do you think your kids could do that?

From 9NEWS TV, some Colorado teenagers are putting themselves to the ultimate test. To put down their phones for 31 days.

Go ahead, I dare you to try to do that for just 31 minutes!

High fives all around for these kids, no doubt. It takes an incredible amount of courage and spirit to attempt this. They have pledged to drop the phones and get outside. To spend more time actually with their friends and family, and getting involved in some community events and causes. They gave three main reasons for this movement:

1) Suicide Prevention
2) Peer-To-Peer Conversations
3) Events and Hangouts

It's not too late to join in. Talk to your kids. Teachers, talk to your students. Teenagers, take it upon yourselves to participate.

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