We all know that breakups can be tough although after breaking off one relationship a Colorado teacher is fortunate to be alive. CBS4 is reporting that a Fort Collins teacher was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend 16 times after the man hid in her basement for 26 hours waiting for her to arrive.

The victim's name is Eilish Poe and police are saying the reason she is still alive today is because of her acting skills, she acted as if she were dead and at that time her ex-boyfriend stopped that disgusting attack.

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The accused attacker, in this case, is Jonathan Crossley and he first broke into her home on Tuesday, November 3rd. He stayed in her crawlspace for at least 24-hours where he could hear Poe and her roommates at home during this time.

The next day on November 4th, police received the 911 call from Poe begging for her life and stated that her ex-boyfriend Crossley had been the attacker and she had been stabbed multiple times.

When police arrived on the scene they found the victim in a pool of her own blood asking her smart speaker to call 911 for help. She was rushed to the hospital with 16 stab wounds to the neck, torso, and arms. Police couldn't find Crossley but did find a trail of blood that showed he ran from the home and jumped a nearby fence.

The attack took place from behind as Poe was cleaning out her rabbit's cage. She begged him to stop but he didn't say anything and just kept stabbing her. That is when she decided to play dead and he eventually stopped.

Police tracked Crossley's phone to the Lory State Park near the trailhead of Arthur's Rock and found his body at the bottom of a 150-foot cliff, his death was ruled a suicide.

Poe is now working hard toward a full recovery, and we are wishing her nothing but the best after this frightening incident.

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