Sales of marijuana in Colorado brought in $1.3 billion last year.

That's billion with a B. 

A report from the Denver Post stated that this is the third consecutive year of sales increasing in Colorado. The information is compiled by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

  • In 2015 Colorado sold $996 million worth of medicinal and recreational marijuana.
  • In 2014 that number was only at $699 million.

In breaking the numbers for 2016 down, $875 million was for recreational pot and $438 was made from medicinal sales. As far as state tax numbers, roughly $200 million was brought in by the marijuana sales.

Now, I maybe an idiot, BUT don't you think Grand Junction could use a no-brainer revenue source? We sure know we need something. And a bake sale ain't gonna cut it. Well, if we were to get dispensaries, then a bake sale would be awesome. Stave off the munchies.

All we ever hear is budget cuts, tax increases, stores going out of business, schools needing millions in upgrades. I think it's about time this city to do something. This could the answer. Or, maybe a step in the right direction.

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