Is it just me, or does the sound coming from the ice at Steamboat Lake State Park sound a little bit like the sound effects from a movie most of us saw for the first time back in 1977?

Listen to the five-second mark. Is it just me, or does this sound remarkably like the blaster hits heard from the other side of the "blast doors"?

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Star Wars Comes to Colorado

It appears as though some people agree. The sound coming from the frozen lake is reminiscent of the  "pings" of Imperial blasters heard from the other side of the life-saving blast doors (the same doors the Stormtrooper demanded be closed).

Judging by the feedback on Twitter, it appears most people agree. In the last four days the post received:

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Is Life Imitating Art or is Art Imitating Life?

I can't help but think Mother Nature wins this round. She called it first. The sounds emanating from Steamboat Lake State Park have been heard for countless years. Until 1977, we didn't have any other reference to compare it to. Then, along comes Star Wars.

Why Is the Lake Making That Noise?

According to

Ice vibrates up and down, similar to a drumhead or cymbal vibrating after being struck. Different ice produces different sounds: A high-pitched noise when your rock hits the lake likely means you have “clear” ice. This is the glassy, see-through ice that’s formed under cold, still, non-snowy conditions. “Snow” ice—the opaque ice that forms after snow falls on the surface of the lake, becomes saturated with water, and then freezes—produces a lower-frequency sound, because fine grains in the ice absorb some of the noise.

Did They Use a Frozen Lake for the Star Wars Movies?

Apparently not. It seems the show's experts found a more practical way to come up with the blaster sounds.

Are You Going to Run Right Up to Steamboat?

I'm not. The video will suffice. I have to admit, though, it's pretty cool.

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