This is good advice for parents from a Colorado state trooper on what you should be telling your kids about cops.

We have all been there. You see a police officer behind you or on the side of the road,  and what so often is your immediate reaction? You may feel a twinge of nervousness, you quickly glance down at the speedometer to check your speed, and you suddenly become very conscientious about your driving.

Most of us are good, law-abiding citizens who don't have to work too hard to follow the rules and laws of the land. But, there's always that little bit of fear -- what if? What if I forget to signal? What if I accidentally weave? What if I'm following too closely? What if I'm going a little too fast? What if my driving looks suspicious?

Those are all pretty normal thoughts to have when it comes to law enforcement, but when those thoughts are put into words, it can have a very detrimental effect on our kids. That's pretty much the point Trooper Lewis is making in this video.

Cops are to be respected, not feared. We should teach our kids the idea that a uniformed officer is there to help and protect you, not harm or punish you.

It may be a small thing, but parents would be doing well to take the trooper's advice when it comes to talking to your kids about cops.

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