Did you realize that 13 of Colorado's state parks are within 90 minutes of Grand Junction?

DId You Opt-In On the Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

The reason I bring it up is that it seems a lot of people are resisting the idea of paying an extra $29 with their vehicle registration to get a Keep  Colorado Wild Pass. The pass provides admission to all of Colorado's state parks for one year. With the daily park pass fee ranging from $4 to $10, it doesn't take that many visits before the pass pays for itself.

The Colorado legislature had hoped to add much-needed revenue to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife budget by making the annual state parks pass automatic with vehicle registrations. Motorists still have the option of rejecting the pass and according to the Colorado Sun, about 30% of Coloradans have chosen to pay for the pass.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Getting the Pass Will Make You Want To Go

Recently I had to register my vehicle and I paid the $29 fee because I realized there were 13 state parks within 90 minutes of Grand Junction. I haven't been to most of them, but now that I have a pass and they are so close, I plan to be a regular visitor. I love to be outdoors, and I love supporting Colorado wildlife.

Here is a quick list of the state parks that are just a short drive from Grand Junction. Technically, James M. Robb - Colorado River is one state park - but it's four very different visits so I'm counting each one separately.

  • Highline Lake
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River: Connected Lakes
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River: Corn Lake
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River- Island Acres
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River - Fruita
  • Crawford
  • Harvey Gap
  • Paonia
  • Ridgway
  • Rifle Falls
  • Rifle Gap
  • Sweitzer Lake
  • Vega

The $29 Fee Is More Than Worth It

If you enjoy being outdoors, a visit to a Colorado state park is well worth the visit. Whether it's for a hike, fishing, camping, biking, or just for a picnic, the state parks offer a fabulous outdoor experience. It's why we live in Colorado. Oh, and by the way, the parks pass does not get you into the Colorado National Monument.

13 Colorado State Parks Within 90 Minutes of Grand Junction

The fact is, you don't have to travel far from Grand Junction to enjoy one of Colorado's awesome state parks. Here's a snapshot look at 13 Colorado state parks a short drive away from Grand Junction and what you can do when you get there.

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