Have you ever wondered which town in Colorado is the smallest in the state? It's easier to guess which cities might have the most significant number of people, but guessing who has the smallest number of people can be much more complicated.

When looking at the 25 Smallest Towns in Colorado, we find that the ones near the bottom of the list are only separated by a few residents. So which Colorado town is the smallest one by population?

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Colorado's 5 Smallest Towns

The smallest communities in Colorado are almost neck and neck when compared by population. These numbers are according to the most recent census data.

  • Bark Ranch, Colorado - 213 residents.
  • Tall Timber, Colorado - 208 residents.
  • Sedalia, Colorado - 206 residents.
  • Phippsburg, Colorado - 204 residents.
  • Timpas, Colorado 201 residents.

Where is Timpas, Colorado Located?

Timpas, Colorado is a cute little unincorporated town located in Otero County. You'll find it along US Route 350 not far from La Junta, Colorado. The 201 residents in Timpas are made up of 102 males and 99 females. Most residents of the town are around 40 years of age with an estimated median household income of around $50K.

What's Happening in Timpas, Colorado?

Not much. Some people say that Timpas is almost a Colorado ghost town. There are some abandoned structures here scattered about the homes and buildings that are still in use. Some say Timpas Creek is the most active thing you'll find here. It's located near the Timpas picnic area.

Timpas sits at an elevation of 4,430 feet on the Colorado plains. There was once a post office in the town from 1891 to 1970. Mail for Timpas is handled out of the La Junta office these days.

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Which towns are the smallest in Colorado? Several towns scattered throughout the state are made up of only a few hundred people or less. Let's take a look at who gets the title of Smallest Town in Colorado.

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