Just how small is Colorado's smallest town? It's pretty small. Looking at its location on google maps might make you think there was no town there at all.

A handful of the smallest towns in Colorado are also among the oldest. Several had a post office open in the late 1800s, while others are so small the post office from over one hundred years ago is no longer even open while mail is covered by a larger city down the road.

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These Small Colorado Towns Have Incredibly Low Numbers of Residents

Many of the towns in the top 10 have just over 200 people living there. Looking at some of the towns on google street view shows some of them do not even have an identifiable structure in the town. Others are just smaller towns that are now nestled between much larger ones giving the residents their small-town feel, yet they are just down the road from everything they might need.

Let's take a look at these tiny Colorado towns with some of the smallest populations anywhere.

The 25 Smallest Towns in Colorado Have Shockingly Low Populations

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