If you told your friends you needed to make a run to the store to pick up some Colorado Kool-Air, would they know you are making a Coors beer run? If your buddy offered you his seats in the rockpile for the weekend would you realize you are about to see a Colorado Rockies game?

We asked you to tell us some Colorado slang only a real Coloradan would recognize. Scroll on to see some of the terminology known only to residents of the Centennial state.

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Coloradan Is A Pretty Easy Language to Learn

The fun part about Colorado slang is that you really don't have to ponder too long over what many of the more popular terms mean. Many of them are pretty obvious if you think about it for a moment. This makes learning Colorado slang easy.

Different Slang for Different Parts of the State

Some Colorado slag is meant for one side of the state or the other. If you are headed to the non-mountainous communities on the far east side of the state you'll be headed to the Front Range. The Grand Valley and Western Slope are found in the far western side of the state. If you are visiting Buena Vista you are headed to the BV. A trip to "the Springs" means you are headed for Colorado Springs, and if someone asks you to meet them in LoDo they probably mean lower downtown Denver.

Colorado Slang for Colorado Communities

The following nicknames are slang for these Colorado communities.

  • A-Town = Aurora, Colorado
  • Breck = Breckenridge, Colorado
  • BV = Buena Vista, Colorado
  • CB = Crested Butte, Colorado
  • FoCo = Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Gunny = Gunnison, Colorado
  • I.S. = Idaho Springs, Colorado
  • Longtucky = Longmont, Colorado
  • Ned = Nederland, Colorado
  • San Juans = San Juan Mountains
  • Switzerland of America = Ouray, Colorado
  • The Boat = Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • The Bubble = Boulder, Colorado
  • The Springs = Colorado, Springs

Scroll on to see what else you had to say about popular slang terms in use in the state of Colorado. We'll also show off some terms you should know from Colorado's Urban Dictionary below.

Grand Junction Shares Slang Terms Only a True Coloradan Will Know

We asked you to share some slang terms and phrases that are unique to Colorado. What are some words that only a true Coloradan would understand? Scroll on through the terms below to learn how to speak like a true Coloradan then see how many terms your friends know.

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