The Denver Public School system has said the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge is off limits to school-sanctioned field trips.

In addition to the DPS, Adams County, Boulder, and St. Vrain Valley School District have also stated they will not allow field trips to the former weapons manufacturing site.



The school boards are concerned about the fact that there is still a building on the site, the Central Operable Unit. With the use of weapons-grade plutonium, and the public perception of what is and isn't considered safe, decades after the plant closed, the decision was made to not allow kids near it, without discussing it with health professionals.

Rocky Flats management says the area is clean and free of danger, as radiation levels on the site are in line with other areas around the state, and not an issue.

As one who had actually worked at that site for several years, putting in office furniture, I can tell you I have had no effects from the place, and that was when it was still an active site. Having been tested numerous times over the years, I and others like me doing the same work was never overcome with radiation sickness or anything else.

300,000 kids will be unable to enjoy all the site has to offer unless or until the administrators feel the area is safe.

That, hopefully, won't take long.

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