Ask someone in Colorado which towns the rudest people live in and they will probably answer with a town that is close to a huge ski resort. Which Colorado towns do you think need a lesson in hospitality?

What is the best thing you can do to a rude person? Be nice as hell to them. Oh, they hate that. Mostly because rude behavior just produces more rude behavior. No need to pass it on.

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Welcome to Rudetown

Noisy people live in Rudetown. So do people who interrupt, and dogs that won't stop barking. They are always mean to old people in Rudetown, and they almost never return their shopping carts to the return area. People in Rudetown never use their turn signals, and always seem to use the last of something and never replace the item.

"Aspen is Full os Snobs" - VailDailey

It is probably no surprise that Aspen is leading the way so far in mentions of rudest behavior. What is it that keeps them on top? An interview from the VailDailey in 2006 nails it when Mayor Helen Klanderud said people didn't like Aspen because it had a reputation for being full of "pretentious people, snobs, rich Californians, rich snobs, and too elitist with Prada." These were comments collected during a poll at a Colorado wine and food fest.

What are You Looking at Telluride?

Rudeness to the south is not going unnoticed by Grand Junction. Towns like Telluride and Dolores showed up as well as the Vail's of the state. Have you run into rude people in a particular town that left a bad taste in your mouth? See which towns Grand Junction is not shy about mentioning below.

Grand Junction Says These Places Are Colorado's Most Misbehaved Towns

We asked Grand Junction to tell us which city you would say is home to the worst behavior in Colorado. In other words, where do the rude people live? If you have run into rude drivers, rude people, rude cashiers, or rude helpers in Colorado it's time to dish.

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