Do states with the highest levels of happiness have far fewer rude residents? How rude would you say the state of Colorado is on a scale from 1 to 10?

According to, Colorado ranks as the 31st happiest state in America. Where are the rudest towns in the 31st happiest state? The answer depends on who you ask.

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America's Rudest City

Business Insider ranked the Top 50 Rudest Cities in America. Colorado shows up at number 44 on the list. At the top of the list is the city most people would say is the rudest in America, and that would be New York City. Historians say New York has had a rude reputation since the 1700s. What about the rudest city in Colorado?

Colorado's Rudest City

Business Insider ranked the Mile-High City of Denver as the 44th rudest place in America, and the rudest place overall in Colorado. One resident said that Denver is a good city for the most part, but the biggest complaint is that popular tourist destinations in the city are often occupied by "rude douchebags."

What Do Coloradans Say?

Business Insider can ask the nation, but we also asked the residents of Colorado. When asked which town is the rudest in Colorado, residents of the Western Slope answered with Aspen, Colorado.

An interview from the <a href="" target="_blank">VailDailey in 2006</a> nails it when Mayor Helen Klanderud said people didn't like Aspen because it had a reputation for being full of "pretentious people, snobs, rich Californians, rich snobs, and too elitist with Prada."

Avoid rude people by staying away from the 13 worst places to live in the Centennial State, found in the photo gallery below.

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