The winter of 2022-2023 in western Colorado is one we may remember for a while. We've seen over 500 inches of snowfall on the Grand Mesa which has some people talking about snowmobiles in June this year.

When winter finally does let go, the entire western slope is going to be anxious to get outside. It's safe to say there may be a few 'pop-up' sick days. There are legitimate sick days (found here), and there is the fun, mischievous kind we will focus on below.

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Taking Care of Business in Colorado

We all have responsibilities to take care of, and we all know adulting isn't always fun. If you feel like you need to take a personal day, I recommend you go right ahead and do so. Some people call it a mental health day. If you can schedule it ahead of time, great.

Pop-Up Personal Time in Colorado

For people who live in a place like Indiana, the first beautiful spring day doesn't mean much as there is not a lot to do out in the cornfields. A spring day in Colorado offers far more temptation for making the most of that sunshine with temps in the 60s. Pop-up personal time is bound to be more frequent in a place like Centennial State.

Great Excuses for Taking a Personal Day

One of my favorites I have heard in Colorado was, "I got stuck on a 14er and I'm still hiking back down." No Coloradan will give you real grief over this. You went on an epic adventure, they'll be busy thinking about that. Plus, there is hardly any cell coverage for when they call back asking about your TPS reports. Use that new cover sheet, btw.

Scroll on to join in the fun of coming up with excuses for not going to work once we finally see the return of outdoor weather in Colorado. Make sure you and your coworker do not use the same excuse on the same day.

Colorado's Go To Excuses for Missing Work on a Beautiful Spring Day

Beautiful weather and Colorado's western slope. It's a perfect match during the spring and summer months. We asked you what your go-to excuse is when it's just too nice out to handle going to work. Do you have a sick day excuse? Scroll on for some idea starters and silliness you can turn to the next time you need an excuse for a personal day.

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