Winter's chill has arrived in Colorado, and the temptation will soon be to head outside and start your car to let it warm up. Should you do this? Not in you plan on going back inside.

There is an important law to remember in our state that says you need to stay with your automobile if you decide to start it up and let it run. Leaving your vehicle running and then heading back inside can be troublesome and cost you money.

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What is Puffing in Colorado?

Puffing is the act of starting your car to let it warm up, and then leaving the vehicle sitting unattended while it idles. Puffing refers to the puffs of exhaust that comes from your vehicle's tailpipe in cold weather.

44% of Colorado Residents are Unaware of this Law

The Colorado Revised Statue 42-2-1206 states it is illegal to start your car and leave it unattended. Many think Colorado's "puffer law" has something to do with marijuana. but it is specifically for the act of running an engine unattended.

What is the Fine for Puffing in Colorado?

The fine for puffing begins as a class B infraction. The fine for this violation in Colorado is usually between $10 and $100. A fine for Puffing usually averages about $60. It's a good idea to stay with your vehicle when letting it warm up anyway. Did you know that in 2015 the Coloradan reported that for every 60 vehicles left running unattended that 9 of them get stolen? All the thief needs to do is open the door, get in, and drive away in your car.

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