A Colorado-based company called OneFlight International, Inc. gives customers the chance to live the high life and travel like a celebrity, by offering a platform that charters out private jets.

The growing company currently has 500 world-class aircraft charter operator partnerships and a network of 5,000 private jets worldwide. Customers book the planes for both business trips and pleasure travel to various destinations across the globe. OneFlight’s jet card program provides ground transportation, inflight meals, and recovery flights to clients as well.

John Elway, who is a member himself, has also served as a brand ambassador for the luxury aviation company since 2021. Elway is primarily involved in the company’s marketing outreach, such as television commercials and event sponsorships. Other celebrity endorsers include Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec and Kevin O'Leary, winemaker Michael Mondavi and actor Kurt Russell.

The company explains the benefits of flying on a private jet are not only unparalleled luxury but also the ability for passengers to access smaller and/or remote locations. Additionally, clients get to take advantage of the privacy that's unavailable during commercial travel, plus avoid long security lines, and schedule their travel according to their schedules and preferences.

OneFlight International was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. A total of 35 employees currently work in the organization but the company is continuing to grow.

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