Did you know one of the oldest and largest trees anywhere in Colorado is right outside of Grand Junction? I did not, and I actually felt bad for driving past it so many times without even knowing it was there.

Fremont Cottonwoods are sturdy old trees that provide shade in the summer, and a brilliant color change in the fall. One of the oldest and largest Fremont cottonwoods in the state sits on the banks of the Colorado River at James M. Robb Colorado River State Park - Island Acres Campground.

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Fremont Cottonwood 4697

The Fremont at Island Acres has probably been there since before Colorado was a state. While it has not been officially dated, it has been identified and measured. This incredible tree has been enjoying the full sun and nice sandy soil near the river, so it's had a chance to mature into a large healthy tree. It stands at 22.6 meters in height or 74 feet, and has a width of 6.2 meters, or 20.3 feet.

Colorado River State Park

The Colorado River State Park was established in 1994 and highlights five different areas from Palisade, to Grand Junction, to Fruita. Adding this site to the Colorado River State Park was a great way to help ensure the protection of this special tree. In the photo gallery below we've included one of the old signs from the Island Acres entrance. This Fremont cottonwood is included in the design on the sign, and no doubt is considered the most senior resident at this cool campground. Keep going to see the photos below.

How Do I Find Island Acres in Palisade?

You've probably driven right past it a thousand times. Easy to find from I-70, head East from Palisade, and take exit 47. Follow the frontage road, cross over I-70, and continue to the park entrance. Head to the right side of the welcome center to access the day pass machine. When the office is open they can sell you a pass inside and help you with camping.

One of Colorado's Oldest and "Most Giant" Trees is Near Grand Junction

Sitting right next to the Colorado River in Palisade is one of the oldest and largest Fremont Cottonwood trees in the state of Colorado. This special tree was another reason the site was included as part of the Colorado River State Park when it opened in 1994.

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