Colorado's oldest historic buildings are amazing to go and look at. Somehow these structures are still standing even though they were built before Colorado was even named a territory in 1861.

Just how old is the oldest building in Colorado? Well, I thought my apartment was old. Not anymore. Let's check out the most historic buildings in the Centennial State, which are found near some of Colorado's earliest settlements.

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Colorado's Earliest Strongholds

One of Colorado's oldest buildings still standing today is Fort Garland. The fort was built in 1858 and designed to house two companies of soldiers. Seven of the fort's original buildings are still standing at the site near Colorado's Blanca Peak.

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Colorado's Oldest Buildings

The oldest homes, schools, and churches left standing in Colorado date back to 1858 and 1859. That makes many buildings on the list below around 166 years old. Many are listed as part of Colorado's Most Endangered Places list you can study here.

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The Oldest Buildings in Colorado

Colorado's oldest buildings were not constructed by settlers or by early Europeans. They were built by the Ancestral Puebloans almost 675 years ago. These impressive buildings can be seen in two places in Southwest Colorado. You'll find them at Mesa Verde National Park, and the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. Both are near the town of Cortez.

These 7 Historic Structures are Colorado’s Oldest Buildings

Take a trip back to the earliest days of Colorado by scrolling through this photo gallery of historic buildings. These are Colorado's seven oldest buildings, each of them dating back 166 years or longer.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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