Warmer weather is here, so remember to keep your eyes out for motorcyclists. When it comes to the number of motorcycles on the road, how does Colorado compare to the rest of the United States?

With our beautiful outdoors and awesome scenic rides, one could only assume Colorado ranks high with motorcyclists. Just how many are on the road in Colorado?

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Registered Motorcycles On The Road In The United States

The website Titlemax.com released a report highlighting data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranking states with the most motorcycles registrations per 100,000 people. Where did Colorado place?

States With Low Numbers

According to the report from Titlemax.com, Vermont has the overall fewest registered motorcycles at 22,848. California, on the other hand, had the most registered motorcycles at 952,977.

Interesting Results

When you crunch the numbers, though, Vermont placed #11 on the list due to the fact the state is home to only 643,077 residents, resulting in 3,552.92 registered motorcycles per 100,000 residents. California, with its population of 39,237,836, placed #35 in the nation at 2.428.72 motorcycles per 100,000 residents.

What Brought This Up?

With each passing day, you'll see more and more bikes on the road in Colorado. It's starting to warm up, and enthusiasts are looking forward to firing up the bikes for the season.

A recent post from a Grand Junction, Colorado motorcycle retailer put a spotlight on the topic. Even here in Western Colorado, we have the ability to come up with a rare find. A hard-to-find bike, with only one thousand in the world, is available right now in Grand Junction. While I'm not a licensed motorcycle rider, the news of this rare bike wet my appetite.

The gallery below lists the top twelve states in the nation when it comes to the most registered bikes per capita. You'll find the list makes perfect sense. So which state has the fewest motorcycles per capita? That would be Texas with 380,830 motorcycles against a population of 29,527,941, resulting in 1,289.73 bikes per 100,000 residents.

How Does Colorado Rank For Number of Motorcycles Per Capita?

There's nothing like taking a ride through the Colorado mountains. When it comes to the number of registered motorcycles on the road, how does Colorado compare to the rest of the United States? It should come as no surprise Colorado ranks fairly high when it comes to the number of registered motorcycles per capita.

While Colorado isn't #1 in the nation for the most bikes, we do rank high. Check out this list of the top states for riders.

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