If you have never seen the Northern Lights, you may be getting some additional chances to view the spectacle in the coming months.

Seeing the northern lights in Colorado is not a common occurrence. One of those rare opportunities happened recently in northern Colorado - and that might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Why Colorado May See More of the Northern Lights

According to a report in the Canon City Daily Record, the magnetic field of the sun reverses polarity every 11 years. The phenomena that create the Northern Lights like sun spots, solar flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections will cause the Northern Lights to reach peak levels - likely in late 2024 or early 2025. The increased activity could cause more flare-ups and possible sightings of the aurora borealis in Colorado - especially in the northern part of the state.

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What Causes the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights occur when charged particles that are ejected by the sun are deflected to the earth's north and south magnetic poles. When they interact with the earth's atmosphere, extraordinary colorful lights are created and displayed across the sky.

Space Weather Prediction Center Will Let Us Know When To Look

Personally, I have never witnessed an occurrence of the Northern Lights, but it's on my bucket list. Typically, the lights are seen in far northern latitudes, but occasionally can be viewed in northern Colorado. The Space Weather Prediction Center monitors solar activity and will let us know when the chances are high for us to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in the coming months.

STUNNING: Nighttime photos show the Milky Way over 9 national parks and monuments

Colorado is home to four national parks and eight national monuments. Our neighbors to the west, Utah, boasts five national parks and seven national monuments. Also within reach are the parks and monuments of New Mexico and Arizona.

If you're the road-trip type, they're all reachable in a day's drive from Colorado.

While the majority of tourists visiting these parks only witness the phenomenal views during the day, there's a sight to be seen under the stars.

National UFO Reporting Center Photos From Colorado 2022

The following images are courtesy of the National UFO Reporting Center. All images come from locations around Colorado for the calendar year 2022. The one exception would be a photo dated December 30, 2021.

Not all sightings reported to the National UFO Reporting Center include photos. Most do not. Of the photos shared, many are of low quality. The images shared here represent some of the better captures shared on the site.


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