So, what were you doing when you were nine? This Colorado kid has already put 8,000 hiking miles behind him. He's not done yet, either.

Christian Thomas, a fourth-grader from Crested Butte has logged more miles than most of us ever will in our lifetimes. But, he's only nine.

His epic journey started in April 2013. when he was five. Now, nearly 8,000 miles later, Christian has become the youngest hiker in the world to have completed what is known as the Triple Crown of United States hiking. 

That includes completing the Continental Divide Trail, Pacific Crest and the Appalachian trail. Not a big deal, you think? Well, here is the breakdown on those hikes,

Continental Divide - Montana to New Mexico totaling around 3,100 miles.

Pacific Crest - 2,660 miles through California, Oregon and Washington.

Appalachian - Georgia to Maine at a distance of 2,190 miles.

Jeez, I thought I hiked a lot. Not even remotely close. That is straight up incredible. He is gone for months at a time and has to keep up with his school work while conquering these trails. Christian said that he does miss his friends, but always has his trusty Winnie the Pooh with him. But, does taking him out of school and away from his friends possibly harming him in any way?

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