This Rim Rock Road review from hits it right on the head. At least for me. Yes, it is from 2008, BUT the road hasn't changed!

One of the things I have learned about myself since moving out here, I apparently have a fear of heights. Maybe it's not the height itself, it's the idea of falling from those heights.

I have tried on a few occasions to drive Rim Rock Road. Epic fails every time. I can only go as far as the triangle intersection about 4 miles in from the Grand Junction side. That's sad.

Trying to describe how I feel is bizarre. It's the same feeling I get when I hike up some of these steep trails. Knees = WEAK. Head = LIGHTHEADED. Stomach = FLIP-FLOPPY. The most bizarre thing that happens, my brain is telling me that I should WANT to drive off or jump off these places. How crazy is that? It's not suicidal. Maybe it's my brain trying to figure it all out?

Can someone overcome these fears? How do I do it?

I'm sure any psychiatrist would LOVE to have me as a patient!

Anyway, here is that review.:

Not For The Faint Of Heart”
Reviewed January 13, 2008
I have never been known as a wimp. I am the first one in line for the free-fall drops from the top of a crane at Cedar Point Amusement Park and there has yet to be a roller coaster built that I won't ride. But lemme tell 'ya. That drive on Rim Rock Drive through the Colorado National Monument was a life altering experience for me and my friend. Starts off okay, then turns into a heart stopping, white knuckle journey to the center of the earth. The tires of your car are INCHES from 10,000 foot dropoffs with nary a guardrail in sight. I'm sure the scenery was breathtaking, but all I saw was gravel going over the side as we made our way through a zillion switchbacks. I could not take my eyes off either the road or my friend's trembling hands on the wheel of the car because we both thought one false move would surely have been our last. I'm a thrill-seeker, but really don't have a death wish. Unless you're a yak, you should be warned how terrifying this drive can be so at least you can be prepared. It still amazes me that this road is open to the public. I think there are only two reviews of this so-called "scenic drive" because we are the only ones who survived to tell about it. No photos 'cause I didn't want to put any extra weight on the cliff-edge side of the car!'

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