Where are the best places to live in America? According to Best States Powered by Mckinsey and Company Colorado is one of the best places to live.

When thinking of a great place to live here are some considerations. You want to know that you will have Health Care, Education for your kids have an opportunity for job growth, low crime rate. You want affordable living and equality.

Colorado boasts some of the tallest mountains, and tourism is booming here. Whether it's visiting a small town for skiing like Vail or Aspen or spending time in Grand Junction for the wineries, Peach festival, Mike the Headless Chicken Festival or any other small wonder Colorado offers abundant adventures.

Many of you were born and raised here, some came for jobs, and others came for family members. Still, others came because of the all the adventurous things to do in Colorado, quality of life. What do you love most about Colorado?

9. Vermont
8. Massachusetts
7. Nebraska
6. Washington
5. New Hampshire
4. North Dakota
3. Utah
2. Minnesota
1. Iowa

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