Colorado's backpacking and 14er seasons are right around the corner. By Mid-June you can be on your way up to the top of some of Colorado's highest mountain peaks.

Seeing the top of a Colorado 14er mountain is something most Coloradans dream of doing. After some training and some experience, you can begin to attempt the more challenging mountains which will be our focus here.

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Colorado's Ultimate Bucket List Challenge

Colorado's Ultimate Bucket List Challenge could be to hike to the top of every one of the 14ers in the state. According to the Colorado Geological Survey, there are 58 peaks above 14,000 feet. Another version of the Ultimate Bucket List Challenge would be to make it to the top of the 10 most notoriously difficult 14ers.

I love following the Virtual Sherpa on Youtube. I swear this guy has climbed every 14er in Colorado 10 times. He's got videos of every single one of his hikes and all kinds of great advice for getting up all of Colorado's tallest peaks. You can follow his channel here.

Colorado's Toughest 14er Mountains to Summit

While some peaks require very technical 4 and 5-class climbing, other 14er mountains can become difficult due to weather conditions or during different seasons. While one side of a 14er mountain can be one of the hardest climbs to complete, another route up the same mountain in a different direction can be an easy or moderate hike. With each peak, there is more than just one way to reach the summit. Below are our picks for Colorado's most difficult 14er mountains:

  • El Diente Peak - 13.6 miles
  • Sunlight Peak - 17.3 miles
  • Pyramid Peak - 7.4 miles
  • Pikes Peak (Barr Trail) - 25 miles
  • Snowmass Mountain - 21.3 miles
  • Crestone Needle - 11.2 miles
  • Crestone Peak - 13.5 miles
  • North Maroon Peak - 8 miles
  • Maroon Peak - 10.9 miles
  • Little Bear Peak - 17.5 miles
  • Capitol Peak - 15.9 miles

Colorado's Easiest 14er Mountains to Summit

For a full list of Colorado 14er mountains with gentle slopes and easier routes, check out this guide to 14ers you can hike with the whole family. This guide includes two 14ers that you drive to the top on and several with shorter trails and plenty of places to take a break. Some of the easiest 14er mountains include:

  • Mount Antero - 7 miles
  • Mount Bierstadt - 7 miles
  • Grays Peak - 7.5 miles
  • Handies Peak - 5.5 miles
  • Mount Sherman - 5.2 miles

Keep going to see all ten of the most difficult 14er mountains to climb for the Ultimate Colorado Bucket List Challenge.

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