Colorado offers so many hikes at so many different levels. We took a look at the hardest hikes in Colorado.

Out There Colorado recently rated the most daring hikes in Colorado and I have to say, you would have to have a lot of exp[erience hiking 14ers, quite the adventurous spirit, and a stomach of steel to hike these. Do you think you do?

Capitol Peak - Northeast Ridge

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Also known as the "knife edge" this is one not for the faint of heart. 26 miles southeast of Glenwood Springs and 9.9 miles from Highway 82 begins the trailhead that will take you to one of the most amazing peaks you will find. It's also not for the inexperienced hiker, nor should it be climbed alone since deaths have occurred here.

Ellingwood Point - Southwest Ridge

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A "Class Three" hike and not one for the beginner, it requires crossing in spots by hand, with thousands of feet below you. Nearby you will find the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.

Longs Peak - Keyhole Route

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Let me just begin by saying this, "Nope!," I wouldn't go near this one. But for the hearty, experienced hiker, the thought of 1,000-foot drops on narrow pathways sounds like a huge, "Yep!"

Crestone Traverse

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Welcome to the Class 4 of the group. Exposed and difficult between Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle is a hike that many experienced Class 4 hikers say is one of the most intense. One fall could be fatal.

There are a few to get you started. Do you still think you'd like to take any of these on?