Which cities in America are most at risk for a nuclear attack in 2024? Experts at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health have released a study focused on 15 American cities that would most likely be targeted in the event of nuclear war.

Coloradans know our state is loaded with high-value targets our enemies would love to blow to tiny bits. However, which Colorado city is most at risk? We will look at Colorado's high-value military targets in the gallery below.

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Cities in America Most At Risk For A Nuclear Attack

According to MSN.com, Stephen Schwartz, who is part of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, says American cities with command centers, ICBM bases, and Air Force and submarine bases will likely be the first places targeted. The top fifteen cities mentioned in the report appear as follows.

  • 1) - Washington D.C / Arlington/ Alexandria
  • 2) - New York / Newark / New Jersey
  • 3) - San Fransisco / Oakland / Berkley
  • 4) - Chicago / Naperville/ Elgin
  • 5) - Los Angeles / Long Beach / Anehiem
  • 6) - Houston / Woodlands / Sugarland
  • 7) - Seattle / Tacoma / Bellevue
  • 8) - Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 9) - Omaha, Nebraska
  • 10) - Ogden-Clearfield, Utah
  • 11) - Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 12) - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 13) - Great Falls, Montana
  • 14) - Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • 15) - Shreveport / Bossier City

Colorado's Most At-Risk Target City

Colorado's most at-risk city for a nuclear attack remains the city of Colorado Springs. When command centers were built in Colorado, it was believed that if they were attacked, bombs would fall on sparsely populated areas. Well, Colorado Springs has grown considerably since then. There are more than 480,000 people in Colorado Springs, all living at an elevation of 6000 feet.

The mountains make Colorado Springs the tenth worst evacuation site in America. The report says if Colorado Springs suffered a direct hit, it could result in 28,000 deaths and 133,000 injuries.

Keep going to see all of Colorado's most at-risk targets during a nuclear war in the gallery below.

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