A woman in Colorado Springs saw an injured bobcat along the side of the road and, being a good Samaritan, wrapped it in a blanket and placed it in the vehicle, next to her three-year-old son who was in a car seat.

The dangers of doing something like that has been broadcast far and wide by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife folks, but for some reason, people keep trying to treat wild animals like domesticated ones. And most of the time, that thinking is faulty.

The woman called CPW and asked what she should do, and officials told her to get herself and her child out of the car until they could get there.

Once there they spotted the 20-pound cat in the car and using a trapping device were able to secure the animal, despite severe injuries it was still trying to protect itself.

The animal's injuries were so severe in fact that they had to euthanize it.

So, once more, please never, ever "rescue" an injured wild animal or any wild animal. Let those who have been trained to take care of it do their jobs.

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