Getting dressed and having to go out to get your weed may soon be a thing of the past, at least in Colorado. A bill proposed by the Senate last week would make it possible to have that ganj delivered right to your door.

Will these dudes have one of those light-up delivery driver signs on top of their car? For that matter, will they have a car? When one thinks of a marijuana delivery driver, they can't help but conjure up images of a beatnik on a long board with a stoner hat.

Then again, pot shops have become big business here in Colorado. The shops are professionally run businesses with great staffs. Of course, I don't know that first hand. That's just what I've heard.

So, if this Senate Bill 192 passes, will you be able to order a pound of weed to be delivered straight to your door? Will there be weekly specials and coupons?

No. According to Westworld, deliveries would be limited to no more than one ounce of recreation flower or two ounces of medical marijuana to a single household per day.

Could you have this delivered to the office at lunchtime? No. Deliveries could be made to residential homes, but not public spaces, hotels, commercial businesses, or, heaven forbid, dormitories.

Could anybody get a job doing this? Dispensaries will have to apply for a delivery endorsement. From there, employees or approved contractor drivers can shuttle the product straight to your home.

When will Colorado get the final word on this? The bill is scheduled for a March 21, 2017, hearing.

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