A young man on vacation with his family was shot defending his baby as another young man on vacation came in wielding a gun.

Dustin Wakefield was tragically at the wrong place at the wrong time on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, when all he was trying to do was enjoy a meal while on vacation. The 22-year-old construction worker who lives in Castle Rock was shot by a 22-year-old man from Georgia who was also in town on vacation.

According to the Denver Gazette, The Georgia man told the police that he was high on mushrooms and felt 'empowered.' Also, having a gun will make you feel empowered, I would have to guess. Put the gun and the mushrooms high together, and you get the Georgia man randomly coming into the restaurant where Wakefield was with his young son.

The Georgia man, according to accounts, was initially going to shoot Wakefield's son, but the baby's father jumped up to protect the child, getting shot himself. The Georgia man was taken into custody without incident.

Wakefield's uncle has set up a Go Fund Me account in the hopes of raising $250,000.

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The suspect has no prior run-ins with the law and was in Miami with friends. Miami Police continue to investigate the tragic incident.

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