In one of the most ridiculous stores from last year, we found kids being shooed off the street selling lemonade because someone's delicate sensibilities were hurt. Or their profit line was being moved in on by children.

You will be happy to know the Colorado Legislature also thinks that's ridiculous, so they are presenting a bill to allow children to sell their lemonade without a permit.

Senate bill 101, titled Legalizing Minors' Businesses will allow young Colorado entrepreneurs to operate their sidewalk business without the fear if being shut down by police.

Provided they are under the age of 18 and do not operate their business for more than 84 straight days, kids will not be hassled or asked to shut down their business.

September saw the city of Denver allow children to operate their lemonade stands legally as long as they're at least 200 feet away from any other drink selling vendor.

Score one for Colorado and its kids.

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