Lawn care in Colorado. It's not the worst of the chores early in the season, but once the summer heat arrives in Grand Junction it's the task nobody wants to do. The hotter it gets outside, the earlier people want to start mowing the law

We asked you what is the best time of day for taking care of your lawn. Scroll on for a few good laughs, and a tip about mowers that run so quietly the neighbors won't know when you did the work

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How Early Is Too Early in Colorado?

We recorded the answers in the gallery below. There is still time you throw your two cents at this. We want to know your perfect time. Open the app chat feature on the station app, and send a message

Some Like To Mow Later in the Day

If only I had one of those fancy electric mowers I could stealth mow at 3 AM if I really wanted to. While the most popular answer was "after 8 AM", mowing late in the day or early evening was the second most popular answer. Scroll on to see more.

Do You Use An Electric Mower?

Randi suggested on our FB page that people should look into a line of mowers made by Sun Joe. These electric mowers run much quieter than gas-powered lawnmowers and come in at least six different models. Now you really can mow at midnight. Keep going to see even more perfect mowing times from folks who live in Western Colorado.

What Is the Best Time of Day to Mow Your Yard in Western Colorado?

What is the perfect time to mow the lawn? Are you a morning mower, or do you prefer early evenings? Most people wait until 8 am, while others want to start when the dew is off the grass. Scroll on to see what times Grand Junction thinks are best.

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