A baby born in Sidney, Nebraska badly needed medicine the local hospital didn't have.

But a hospital in Sterling, Colorado did, so Logan County Sheriff's Department Deputy Sheriff Casey Swingle did the only thing he could do.

He took the medicine to them.

In a storm.

During the blizzard in Mid-March that essentially closed down roads in that portion of the state a child was born premature and needed the medicine to survive. Not having the medicine themselves they reached out to Sterling Regional MedCenter and Deputy Swingle volunteered to take the medicine himself, and his supervisor advised him to meet law enforcement from Nebraska at the state line, but if they weren't there to keep on driving.

Facing 70 miles per hour winds and drifting snow, sometimes up to his mirrors, he kept driving, delivering the medicine just across the state line.

Returning to Colorado, his truck was blown off the road and into a ditch where he stayed for several hours until CDOT could get him out and get him back to Sterling.

So if you ever need an example of true heroism, look no further than Deputy Swingle.

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