There are so many places to enjoy the Colorado outdoors that it can be easy to forget that only 43.3% of the state is public land. 56.7% of Colorado is private land.

Who are the biggest landowners in the Centennial State? The answers might surprise you. Join us for a closer look at the organizations and individuals in the photo gallery below.

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Private Land in Colorado

Of the 56.7% of Colorado designated as private land, 24.5 million acres are used for farming and ranching. Private rangeland in Colorado provides 95% of the winter range for the state's mule deer population. Rangeland owners in Colorado grant access to more than two million acres for public hunting and fishing.

The Federal Government

The Federal Government owns its fair share of Colorado as well. They own 24.1 million acres. That's about one-third of the state but includes BLM land, the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, National Parks Service, and land overseen by the Department of Defense.

The State of Colorado

The State of Colorado oversees more than six million acres as part of the Colorado Land Trust and the Colorado State Land Board. Land overseen by the state helps raise revenue for public schools and programs, while other areas are set aside as undeveloped for future generations.

Learn more about Colorado's largest landowners and their land in the photo gallery below, including the two individuals who own more acres than anyone else in the Centennial State.

These are the Six Largest Landowners in Colorado

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