Most of us who live in Colorado believe it to be the most beautiful state to call home. From the mountain peaks to our National Forests, there is something beautiful to see around every corner.

Something Coloradans don't like to see include ugly piles of junk sitting on each other's lawns. Is there a house on your street with several disabled vehicles on the lawn? Here in Grand Junction, you do not have to look hard to find a few places like this. What does the municipal code say about having a mini junkyard on your lawn?

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Do Your Neighbors Have Junk Cars in Their Yard?

Does someone on your street have a mini junkyard on the front lawn? Is this something Grand Junction allows? Each municipal code in Colorado is a little different. There isn't a general rule about keeping junk cars in your lawn that applies to the entire state. Instead, each community has parking and storage standards for unlicensed, inoperable, or recreational vehicles.

What Does the Grand Junction City Ordinance Say?

In Grand Junction, outdoor storage on unlicensed or inoperable vehicles is permitted on residential and non-residential property. Residents are allowed to store up to two inoperable or unlicensed vehicles AS LONG AS the vehicles are kept on the rear half of the lot and are screened from sight. When you see a front lawn full of inoperable cars, there is a chance the resident may be violating a portion of the Grand Junction code.

Grand Junction's municipal code can be explored more by following this link.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

I'm not aware of anyone in town going to jail for having a scrap heap in their front lawn, but the penalty for non-compliance with a city ordinance can result in a $1000 fine and up to a year in jail.

What About Junk Cars Parked Off-Street?

Did you know that if you notice unlicensed or inoperable vehicles parked along your street in Grand Junction, you can report them to Code Enforcement? Once you make the call, the vehicle is given a 72-hour notice and could be towed at the owner's expense. You can reach code enforcement by dialing 970-244-1593.

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