Have you ever been in a situation in Colorado where you wanted to bring a horse up a flight of stairs? Perhaps not. How about giving your wife a smooch when she is still sleeping?

Did you know these activities are not allowed in parts or all of Colorado? Wait, there's more. Keep going to check out thirteen activities that are not allowed in some counties, and others that are illegal state-wide.

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Illegal Activities in Colorado

Colorado is home to a large portion of the Rocky Mountains. It makes sense that over the years a few laws needed to be developed to protect some of Colorado's finest rocks. Boulders included. In Colorado, it is illegal to destroy a rock or boulder located within a state park. It's also illegal to move a boulder in the city of Boulder.

Not Very Neighborly, Denver

There is an old law in the city of Denver that says you are not allowed to loan out your vacuum cleaner to the person(s) living on either side of your residence. You can not load a vacuum on your neighbor. Have you got a friend who lives a block away? Somehow, it's okay to loan it to them. I suppose returning a broken vacuum to its owner caused way too much trouble back in the day.

Some Things Should Be Illegal Nationwide

How is it illegal to fire a rocket at an automobile in Alamosa, Colorado, but not nationwide? Perhaps this misguided adventure is part of some other law that protects us from rocket launchers.

13 Things That Are Illegal to Do in Colorado

Feel like letting your hair down this weekend in the Centennial State? Have fun! Just be sure to avoid any of these thirteen illegal activities that will get you into trouble in Colorado. Which illegal activity in the gallery below surprises you the most? Open our station app and let us know.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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