A young Colorado woman enjoying national fame is now facing undesired attention. Following several triumphant endeavors, this icon has found herself in trouble with authorities.

Mandy Horvath, a double-amputee living in Colorado Springs, recently garnered national attention. In April of 2018, she successfully climbed Manitou Incline, and shortly after, Pikes Peak. Appearances on various newscasts, including NBC's Today, soon followed.

Horvath lost both legs following a train accident on July 26, 2014.

This week, a series of events resulted in a serious turn in her story. Horvath has been charged with a D.U.I, her third so far this year, as well as an assault on a peace officer.

According to KRDO.com, an arrest affidavit states police smelled alcohol on Horvath's breath and her speech was impaired. A medic responding to the scene was then slapped in the face by Horvath.

Personally, I find this very upsetting. I became something of a fan of Mandy Horvath last April when I saw footage of her climbing Manitou Incline. She made the entire climb on her hands. Days later, to celebrate my 48th birthday, I drove to Colorado Springs and made the climb myself. It was miserable.

I began to follow her adventures via social media and YouTube. Not long after her climb up the incline she successfully climbed Pikes Peak on her hands. The endeavor took a total of three grueling days.

Shortly before her climb up Pikes Peak, I encouraged everyone to attend her birthday celebration. That event raised funds for two organizations, the Battle Buddy Foundation and Operation Ward 57.

Along comes last Tuesday, August 14. As it turns out, this wasn't Mandy's only D.U.I. This arrest is her third since February 2018.

I'm a bit heartbroken over this. I do admire this woman. Her arrests do not take away from her heroic accomplishments. I still find her very inspiring. On the other hand, three D.U.I.'s in six months is more than a little reckless. I find myself a bit shocked.

As you can imagine, people have kicked in with opinions in every color of the rainbow via social media.

I'm rooting for you, Mandy. One can't possibly imagine the nightmare you endured upon losing your legs. You've been a remarkable inspiration. I wish you smooth sailing through these rough waters. The drinking and driving, however, simply needs to stop.

Here's one more challenge. Obviously, Mandy thrives on challenges. Her court date is coming up August 27. I wish her the best. It's been a rough road. There's been some bad decision making this year. Regardless, I still find her accomplishment inspirational.

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