Like many Fort Collins residents, I am a regular at Horsetooth Reservoir. When I'm not spending the day there on a hike or in the water, I often wonder about the homes resting on the mountain.

How amazing would it be to have a house right next to Horsetooth? Now, you might be able to.

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According to Zillow, there is a Horsetooth home on the market at 4919 Sandstone Drive. It isn't as expensive as I thought it would be either — it isn't cheap, but let's just say you wouldn't have to be a celebrity to buy it.

Going for $529,000, the 1,820-square-foot residence is "a piece of Fort Collins paradise," complete with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, air conditioning, an oversized garage, walk-in closets, and a stone fireplace.

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Gorgeous wooden features and a large kitchen add to the home's stunning interior; however, the location is where the property truly shines.

"Enjoy spectacular views from your backyard...while enjoying wildlife in your front yard," reads the listing.

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The house features a wraparound deck where you can take in the views and visits from wildlife (you're likely to spot deer, coyotes, chipmunks, squirrels, foxes, and more, according to Larimer County). It also has close access to the popular Blue Sky and Soderberg hiking trails.

You'll want to see everything this residence has to offer. Take a virtual tour of the stunning Horsetooth home in the gallery below:

Fort Collins Home With Perfect Views of Horsetooth on Sale for $530K

It's every Fort Collins resident's dream to have a home on Horsetooth Reservoir. Well, for $529,000, you could. Read on to see the fantastic features and views this property has to offer.

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