Colorado's old smuggler's highway to Montana runs right through Horsethief Canyon in Loma and was used as a narrow canyon to store and re-brand horses and cattle before moving them out of the area.

Today, the canyon is known as a great place to float the Colorado River and for riding mountain bikes on the Kokopelli Trail. Today, we're checking out the Horsetheif Canyon Hideout from Airbnb, which allows you a basecamp for an entire weekend of fun outside of Fruita/Grand Junction.

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Colorado's Horsethief Canyon

The Loma Airbnb is located very close to the Kokopelli Trail parking area. The property overlooks Kokopeli and a portion of the Colorado River, known as Ruby-Horsethief. You can access the Colorado River from the Kokopelli Trail or get a permit to float down this portion of the river to Westwater, Utah, about 25 miles away.

Western Colorado's Kokopeli Trail System

This Airbnb is a mountain biker's dream. It's a basecamp right on the doorstep of the trail system, with all the amenities you'll need for a great weekend. The rental includes an elevated deck with a fire table overlooking six acres. The three-bedroom home has room for up to 8 guests.

Squeaky Clean Bikes

If you love mountain biking in Western Colorado, then you know things can get muddy and dusty pretty quickly. Not only does this rental property include a bike rack, but it also includes a power washer that you are free to use to clean off your bikes after a day of riding so you don't have to drive home covered in mud.

Keep going to take a virtual tour of this Airbnb in Loma below.

Kokopeli Basecamp: Stay At Colorado’s Horsethief Canyon Hideout

Colorado's Kokopeli Trails are one of the best places in Colorado to enjoy mountain biking. Did you know you can ride your bike along the Kokopeli Trail to Moab, Utah? Check out the Horsethief Canyon Hideout from Airbnb in the gallery below. This rental could be the perfect base camp for you and your friends the next time you want to get out and ride for the weekend.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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