America's love affair with chicken wings and pretty girls in orange shorts dates back to 1983, when the first Hooters Restaurant opened in Clearwater, Florida. During its heyday, Hooters grew to over 400 locations in 29 countries.

In 2024, things are not as great as they used to be for Hooters. The pandemic and competition from several similar restaurants have caused Hooters to close more than a few locations in the last ten years. Sadly, we are down to just five locations now in Colorado.

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Hooters - America's "Breastaurant"

Guys, who remembers their first trip to Hooters? This place was everywhere in the late 90s and early 2000s. Over the last decade, Hooter's business model of providing great pup food plus eye candy has not attracted customers like it used to. Millennials don't seem to be attracted to the restaurant like previous generations.

Colorado's first Hooters was located in Denver on Colorado Avenue. This location closed after 23 years.

Stiff Competition in Colorado

Hooters used to be one of a kind. Now they compete with Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, Wingstop, and Brinker International in markets all over the country. Some customers made the switch from Hooters after other restaurants took advantage of the fact that Hooters has not changed their menu in ages. The competition found new food, outfits, and a new atmosphere to steal the thunder from Hooters.

The Last Five Remaining Hooters Locations

So, where exactly are the remaining Colorado Hooters Restaurants? They are all in and around the Denver Metro. Scroll down to see each remaining location of this once-iconic restaurant that still offers some of the best wings in Colorado.

These Are the Last 5 Hooters Locations Remaining in Colorado

Would you believe Colorado is down to just five Hooters locations remaining in the Centennial State? The Kings of Wings started small but grew into a nationwide chain. The "restaurant" has been trending down since the pandemic, with several locations closing over the last decade. Here is where to find the last five Hooters restaurants still open in Colorado.

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