If you're headed to Vail to take in some of the wonderful hiking in that area, don't be surprised if your trail guide looks like he hasn't shaved in a while. Paragon Guides have been using llamas in their hiking business since the 1990s.

Llamas? That's right. Llamas.

Believe it or not, llamas have been used for centuries as pack animals in South America. It was only in the mid-1980s that they were introduced to Colorado. Even so, they are probably not very well known in this area. But according to Will Elliot, owner of Paragon Guides, llamas are almost perfect trail guides. They are surefooted, dependable and easy going. Not to mention that llamas eat anything so there is no need to bring food for them and oh, yeah, they can carry 3 times their own body weight.

If that isn't enough to convince you, llamas also act a natural bear repellent.They emit various vocal sounds that ward off creatures and their eyesight is off the charts.

Using llamas takes the worry and strain of having to carry everything you may want to bring along on your hike. Without that added problem, your hikes can be much longer and a little less physically demanding.

Hiking with a llama? Looks like THAT will have to go on the bucket list.

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