A Colorado high school has decided to install cameras in their bathrooms. There is a debate about it. Privacy versus safety.

Windsor Charter Academy school has made the decision to put in the surveillance equipment to improve safety for its students. Some parents are not happy with the move. They are saying that it is a violation of their children's right to privacy.

So, where do you draw the line as a parent? If District 51 were to decide in favor of this type of maneuver, how would you react?

Obviously, safety is an issue. Back when I was in high school, there were two places that fight occurred: behind the school in the woods and (if you couldn't wait until after school), the bathroom. Of course, things have changed dramatically since I went to high school. Back then, there were no locked doors, cameras or security patrols. You could just walk right into the building. Very difficult to do that these days. And with good reason. But, are the bathroom cameras going too far?

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