There's an adventure and there's ADVENTURE that takes you to extremely dangerous places and the cusp of death.

According to Outthere Colorado, we have two of the most dangerous the WORLD.  The hike up to the Longs Peak summit featuring the treacherous "keyhole route" and the Maroon Bells hike up the south ridge.

The Keyhole Route up to the Longs summit features an elevation climb of over 5,000 many of it over class 3 terrain with extremely rough and narrow terrain over rocks and dangerous ridges with very little room for error. It's one of those hikes where every single step is one that could be your last if you're not super careful with drops off of sheer cliffs possible practically every step of the way at various points of the hike.

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A report from Rocky Mountain Journal recently took a look at the deaths that have occurred on this route. So as I'm looking to conquer a few 14er's this summer, I'll probably have Longs Peak WAAAAYYYYYY down on my list.

This video showing the keyhole and ledge (at 1:45-1:50) with about a 1000 ft drop is just pure insanity.

The other extremely dangerous hike is the summit of Maroon Peak via the South Ridge.  It's a 12-mile round-tripper with just under 5000 feet of elevation gain. This mountain has gained the nickname of "The Deadly Bells" due to the number of deaths that have occurred on this trail.

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