When you need to grab a bite to eat without spending a lot, where can you go in Grand Junction? Can you still find a hot lunch for $10 or less? What about lunch for $3 or $4?

Bring on the cheap eats. We'll get you started below with 12 great local options that have some delicious breakfast and lunch options for less than you might expect.

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Prices are Up All Over Colorado

The year(s) of price increases continues in Colorado. Can you find a drive-through that is offering burgers, fries, and a drink for less than $10? As a kid, I can specifically remember the sign boards at one fast food chain offering a "Big Breakfast" and it was $1.99. In 2022, the same breakfast with the exact same items is now about $7.99 at many locations.

Stretching Your Dollar in Grand Junction

For the same $7.99 you can avoid drive-thru pancakes that came without a fork, and sit down for some cheap eats while supporting a great local establishment. We tried to stay very close to the $10 mark when looking over menus. Add-ons, drinks, and extras may raise your ticket price. While food prices may continue to rise everywhere, these locations are great to know about when you have to pick something up on the go.

Great Restaurants with Cheap Eats in Grand Junction

Chinese food for less than $2 a scoop, delicious fresh pizza by the slice for under $3, six packs of fresh tacos for $5, and lots more can be found throughout the Grand Valley. Let us know your favorite place to grab cheap eats. Open our station app and tell us about a location and a special menu item that you love.

12 Great Colorado Restaurants with Cheap Eats In Grand Junction

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