Today, December 4, is Colorado Gives Day.

Why should you care?

Take a look at the non-profit organizations just on the Western Slope and see how many of them you have visited, or have helped you or someone you know. Last year, $36.1 million was raised in Colorado on Colorado Gives Day, and more is needed.

Nonprofit organizations exist to help people in the communities they serve. They rely solely on charitable gifts and grants to keep working day after day to be in the corner of people who might not otherwise have anyone to help.

There are many, many nonprofit organizations that need your help and my help in order to continue to help others. Western Slope Agencies like Hope of the Grand Valley, United Way of Mesa County, Marillac Health and many others provide valuable services to our communities.

There are of course, the huge non profits that help countless numbers of people like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association for example that are wonderful organizations that help a lot of people, but this Colorado Gives Day, check out the non profits in the seven counties in Western Colorado and see if one aligns with your core beliefs and values and that offers services designed to help those who truly need it.

These nonprofits in Mesa County, Delta County, and more are here for you when you need them.

But they may not be without support.

Give if you can today to a nonprofit and give the gift of help to your community.

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