I'm not entirely sure what reaction I would have to spotting a family bears in my backyard, but "impressed" probably wouldn't be my first guess.

Fear comes to mind. Panic, perhaps. This young lady from Estes Park gets a big kudos for taking the high road, and the adorable one, upon spotting bears in the family's backyard.

Be sure to have the volume up when watching this video. The commentary is priceless. You're probably asking yourself, "Gee, I wonder if the bears will get on the slide." I would have bet real money they were going to. Spoiler Alert: they don't. Darn.

Those on social media share this little girl's enthusiasm -

I agree with that last comment. The cubs are cute, the momma, not so much. I believe I'll just leave her alone and let her play on the slide, or eat it, or whatever floats her boat.

It seems Colorado is getting bear-sightings-o'-plenty this year, especially around Estes Park.

This little girl has a future in video commentary. Perhaps she could be the next host of the Wild Kingdom or something. Here's hoping she never ceases being "impressed."

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