Do you recall visiting Elitch Gardens in Denver?  That place is a hoot. Now, the park is offering a deal where kids three to five years old can get in the park for free.

It's called the Pre-K Pass. At present, kids two-years-old and younger already receive free admission to the park. Now, kids from three to five will get free theme park and water park admission.

What do you need to do? According to Fox 31 Denver, you will need to register your child online before May 20. Then, you'll have until June 24 to activate your child's pass at the park. To register, you'll need your child's birth certificate or a passport with their name on it.

The pass will be good for the 2018 season.

What about the adults? You can purchase an adult 2018 season pass at King Soopers locations or online for $69.99. With the adult pass, you'll enjoy free parking near the Pepsi Center.

I had no idea the park passes were so reasonably priced. As I recall, the last time I went to Elitch Gardens was back in 1979. William Shatner was traveling around the country with a theater company doing performances of the play "Death Trap." I wasn't old enough to go to the play but had the opportunity to go backstage later and get his autograph. As I recall, the park was awesome.

When exactly will Elitch Gardens open? They'll kick off the 2018 season on April 28. How long is their season? In 2018, Elitch Gardens will be open for a total of 131 days.

On a side note, if you're looking for a gig, Elitch Gardens is hiring in all departments. Sounds like a fun job, doesn't it?

This seems like a remarkable deal. Free is pretty hard to beat. Fire up those birth certificates or passports and get your children into the park for free.

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