Austin Pugh has been a firefighter and paramedic for the last six years. Colorado is lucky to have a first responder like this around. Austin works for the Colorado Springs Fire Department is known for bringing back the dead.

He's revived 11 people back from a flat line which is absolutely outstanding. Here's a comparison according to The Gazette, the department treated 134 cardiac arrests within 5 months in 2018 -- 9 were successfully resuscitated.

Austin has been deemed as 'the best paramedic I've ever worked with' by CSFD's medical director. His modesty about his reputation only makes his reputation even better. According to The Gazette, Austin said:

It wasn't something I did, it was something the team did that I was a part of.

He recently saved a 20-year-old woman whose heart stopped beating in her sleep. Austin wasn't sure if she was alive or not, but then saw her loving life. Austin said:

Being a paramedic is not's a very high-stress job. I love the idea of being a person that is able to significantly impact someone's life - keep them alive of help bring them back.

Thanks for all that you do, Austin Pugh.

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