Some people are lucky to have amazing neighbors in Grand Junction who live next door for decades. You keep an eye out on each other's property, and maybe even share a bbq once in a while.

Some neighbors even share a fence. This can be a joy or a curse depending on who lives next door. Who takes care of the fence? What if the fence was already there before you moved in? What does Colorado law say about your obligations in the front and back yard?

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How Big Can My Fence Be in Grand Junction?

In the city of Grand Junction, you can have a fence in both your front and backyard if you wish. In the front yard, your fence can be up to forty-eight inches if it is made of chain link or split rail (two-thrid open material). A solid fence in the front yard can be up to thirty inches tall.

In the backyard, you can go nuts with open material or a solid fence up to six feet in height.

Which Neighbor Gets to Maintain the Fence?

In Colorado, fences built along the boundary line of a property are to be managed by both owners on either side. You both get to share in the cost of maintaining the fence. Some local ordinances will vary depending on where you live in Colorado.

Colorado says both parties should also be in agreement before any signs or markers are placed on a fence. A fence may also be made from a variety of materials that partition two areas. Both property owners must be in agreement before knocking a fence down.

Colorado Statutes on Fences

Any dispute about a fence between neighbors may need to be resolved by a real estate attorney. Neither party is legally obligated to maintain the fence. If it ever falls over, neither party is obligated to replace it. The two statutes that pertain to fences in Colorado include Colo. Rev. Stat. 35-46-112 and Colo. Rev. Stat. 35-46-113. If you happen to mess up a fence while trimming a tree, you want Colo. Rev. Stat. 18- 4-508

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