In Colorado, you don't have to love winter to live here, but it sure helps. The Centennial State can get downright cold and snowy from October to March. Some people head for a beach far away, and some Coloradans start getting excited to bring their winter gear up from the basement.

We asked you to tell us your favorite thing about winter in Colorado. Keep going, and have a look at some of the inspiring ways the locals are enjoying the season.

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Winter Is Coming

In Colorado, winter is always coming. Natives have had a lifetime to fall in love with the season, while others who came here from other states may find it particularly harsh. If you love the Rocky Mountains during the summer, they are twice as beautiful from October to March when covered in snow.

In Grand Junction, we're lucky to enjoy all the summer activities on the Grand Mesa. As the seasons change, the mountain becomes a winter resort with just as many fun things to see and do.

Colorful Colorado

Like the sign says, "Welcome to Colorful Colorado". The Centennial State is almost as colorful in the winter as it is during the summer. It's just as fun to watch the snowfall on the red rocks of the Western Slope as it is at Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the best parts of Colorado is that if you love doing something outdoors during the summer, you'll probably love seeing the same spot during the winter.

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